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Home Charging




The vast majority of charging for electric cars and plug-in hybrids takes place at home, and this is the safest and easiest way to charge your car. It’s great for making sure your battery always has the power it needs, and it also means you can take advantage of the incredibly low electricity prices that may be included in your contract with your provider.

Commercial Charging





Having a charging station in the workplace is becoming increasingly important for employees and visitors, and for businesses with a fleet of electric vehicles it can be a key factor in their smooth and orderly operation. With RFID cards that control access and remote management through appropriate software, recharging staff vehicles can be done easily and efficiently.


Public Charging




Public charging stations are based on the philosophy of additional mileage support for electric vehicles for the time they are parked. Their role is to extend the travel distance of EVs by offering a combination of slow and fast charging options as well as the ability to bill the consumed energy to the end user. They meet very strict standards while remote management via a special platform by a certified operator is considered essential. They carry certified and sealed MID type meters which measure, independently, the supply of each source of the charger, so that the billing is done correctly.

Fast DC Charge




DC fast charging is for long-distance driving where it is necessary to fully recharge the vehicle in a short period of time. It is a solution for the case of travel plazas on the national road network, for gas stations or for private parking. In this particular type of charging, all the limitations of the built-in car charger are bypassed since all the available power is supplied directly to the battery, a full charge is achieved within 15-30 minutes. The necessary devices for controlled access, energy metering, charging and remote management are integrated.

Charging Cables





To charge your electric vehicle at home, at work or in public, you will need the right charging cable. Depending on your car model, the cable may have a different plug on each end. This ensures compatibility between the charging station and your car.


Kinoumai Ilektrika II



The “Move Electric Cycle B” program is an action of the Ministry of Environment and Energy that started on July 28, 2022, through which natural persons and businesses can benefit by receiving a subsidy for the purchase or rental of an electric vehicle as well as a “smart” charger. The program budget starts at 50 million euros. The subsidy for acquiring a “smart” charger amounts to 500 euros for natural persons and 400 euros for businesses and in several cases covers 50% of the total cost of its acquisition. ChargEV products meet all the specifications required for the subsidy and are already on the ministry’s corresponding list of eligible chargers.

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